On 16 May 2019, Friheden Invest A/S announced its decision to submit a voluntarily tender offer to the shareholders of IC Group. The offer document related to this offer was published on 20 May 2019 and a supplement to the offer document was published on 18 June 2019. The count of the number of acceptances from the shareholders in IC Group A/S showed that Friheden Invest A/S had received acceptances representing 817,226 shares corresponding to 5.38 per cent of the entire share capital and voting rights in IC Group A/S.

Hereby, Friheden Invest A/S had obtained a total of 91.18% percent of the entire share capital and voting rights in IC Group A/S. Friheden Invest A/S then initiated a compulsory redemption of shares held by the remaining minority shareholders after which Friheden Invest A/S then held the entire share capital. As a consequence hereof, the Board of Directors of IC Group A/S decided to request Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S for a cancellation from trading and delisting of all shares.

The compulsory acquisition was completed as planned, and the request for cancellation from trading and delisting of all shares was accepted whereby the last day of trading the IC Group share was 2 August 2019.

This home page only contains documents related to IC Group A/S as a listed company as well as documents relating to Corporate Social Responsibility. For further information about Tiger of Sweden, please visit its home page at www.tigerofsweden.com and By Malene Birger at www.bymalenebirger.com.


As IC Group A/S was delisted from Nasdaq Copenhagen on 2 August 2019, all the IR documents on this home page are historical documents.


In IC Group we recognise that we are part of an industry with many Corporate Responsibility (CR) challenges both in terms of complex supply chains and resource challenges to mention a few. Our overall approach is to take these challenges seriously and make sure that we are not a barrier to sustainable development.

In addition, where possible, wework towards turning these challenges into opportunities where we can use our inherent creativity and strong innovation skills to make a difference and contribute to sustainable development.


Data ethics goes beyond compliance with data privacy laws.

We acknowledge and respect that our use of data may create risks for the users, and therefore we manage these risks by adhering to the following principles. We do our outmost to ensure that we are and remain fully complaint with all legal requirements in our use of data.


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